Sealing Granite Countertops And Other Natural Stones

Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

We get a lot of questions from our homeowners about sealing granite countertops and we certainly understand why.

Differing opinions in the stone industry have created a good deal of confusion, not only among consumers, but among some stone professionals as well.

We believe it's important to provide you with information that goes beyond the use of the products we recommend. Whether you're sealing your tops or enhancing slate floors, we want you to feel confident in maintaining your stone!

Stone Countertop FAQ's Confused By Sealers
What's A
I'm Confused
By Sealers

For example, do you know the difference between a stain and an etch? Many people don't. It's important to know what etching is so you know how to fix it.

If you try to remove an etch using techniques meant for stain removal, it just won't work! We show you a ton of pictures of what etches look like here. And then, we show you how to remove them.

What's all the hype on sealers? What sets sealers apart? What are stains?
What's The
What Sets
Sealers Apart
What Are

How does the average person know if they should seal their stone? And how do you know when it's time to reseal your stone? We make it easy to know... just look at the articles below!

Should I Seal Oil and Lemon Juice The Water Test
Should I
Do I Need
To Seal?
The Water

Whether you have questions on sealing countertops, showers or floors OR you just want a little more information on enhancing stone, we have the answers you're looking for.

Sealer FAQ's Color Enhancer FAQ's
FAQ's On
FAQ's On
Color Enhancer

MB-4 Impregnating Sealer MB-6 Color Enhancer For Stone Granite Countertop Sealer and Color Enhancers
Color Enhancer
For Stone
Granite Sealer Vs
Color Enhancer

We'll continue to publish articles that are informative, reliable and easy to understand. Yes, we would like to sell you our natural stone care products, but we also want you to be an informed buyer.

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