Granite Countertop Sealer Vs.
Stone Color Enhancer

What's The Difference?

Before we can know the difference between a granite countertop sealer and a stone color enhancer, we must know the definition of each one.

What's A Sealer

We know we use stone or granite sealers because some natural stones are more prone to staining. AND, deeply embedded stains can be prevented by using high quality below the surface sealers, also known as impregnating sealers.

A sealer DOES NOT make your stone bullet proof.

It DOESN'T change the color, the look or the texture of your stone.

A sealer also DOES NOT fill in any nicks, pits and imperfections on the surface of your stone nor will it prevent etching.

A sealers MAIN JOB is to prevent liquids from penetrating into the stone - a sealer gives you more time to wipe up a spill before it begins to sink in. That's it! Here's a more complete definition of an impregnating sealer.

Sealed Vs Unsealed

Look at the picture above - we sealed half of the stone and left the other half unsealed. There is NO difference in the color or look of the stone.

In the top of the picture - the un sealed stone - you can see where the tabasco sauce soaked in and left an orange colored stain. The water also soaked in. It already evaporated out so you can't see where that was.

In the bottom of the picture - the sealed portion over an hour later - the tabasco sauce is still sitting on top of the stone and so is the water!

What's A Color Enhancer

To enhance means to make greater or better. A color enhancer enhances the look of your stone. It soaks into the pores and gives your stone a wet look. It's deep and dark... the stones color really pops!

A color enhancer DOES NOT change the texture or the feel of your stone. It will not make your floor less slippery nor your countertop smoother. It will not fill in nicks, pits and imperfections.

A color enhancers main job is to change the look of your stone - to enhance it. It's secondary job is to add protection from stains - similar to a sealer.

Enhanced Vs Not Enhanced

Look at the difference!!! It's huge. It's different than a polished look because it's not a mirror like finish - no reflection. This is on a piece of flamed granite - I can't remember the name of it.

Comparison Sealer Vs Enhancer

Protects From Staining Yes Yes
Changes Look No Yes
Changes Texture No No
Use On Polished Finishes Yes Sometimes
Use On Honed & Rough Surfaces Yes Yes
Hide Scratches No Usually
Camouflage Etches No Usually
Can I Apply It Myself Yes Yes

Some Things To Know About A Color Enhancer and Stone & Granite Countertop Sealer:

You can always apply an enhancer before a sealer.

You can never apply an enhancer after a sealer. Why? The sealer blocks liquids from penetrating into the stone.

On porous stones where staining is an issue, use both an enhancer & a sealer.

On dense stones where staining is not an issue, use just an enhancer.

How do you know if you should seal your stone?
To seal or not to seal... that is the question!

Can I use a color enhancer? Get your stone wet with plain water. Like how it looks? Then YES, a color enhancer is right for you. Here is more info on
color enhancers for stone.

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