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  • Got mold? Before cleaning mold and mildew from your bathroom marble or granite, Understand mold & mildew. Find hints & tips on cleaning mold safely.

  • Got etches? Dull marks, water rings or marks? These are all considered surface damage and MOST are EASILY repaired by you! Frequently asked questions and answers on polishing stone.

  • You may not know the true geological name of the stone you're considering for your granite kitchen counter tops. It may not even matter. What you really want to know... "Which stone will make me happy?" The oil & lemon juice test lets you know if you're going to still love your stone a year down the road.

  • We get a lot of questions from our homeowners about sealing stone and we certainly understand why. Differing opinions in the stone industry have created a good deal of confusion, not only among consumers, but among some stone professionals as well. No need to be confused! Find out EVERYTHING you need to know about sealing.

  • These natural stone care products will clean and beautify your marble, granite, and other stone surfaces. Not just designed to work exclusively with stone - they're versatile and can be used in many areas of your home.

  • Interested in a product we sell? Browse through tons of product testimonials to see what others are saying.

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