Safely Clean Marble Bathrooms

Clean Mold & Mildew Without Scrubbing!

If you have mildew, this stain removal product will work wonders for you. It's not only great for Marble and Granite, it's also safe on most delicate polished stone surfaces!

Safely clean your marble tiles, showers, doors and walls. It's great for INDOOR and OUTDOOR stone!

Product Description

Mildew Stain RemoverCleans with little to NO scrubbing!

Just spray it on and watch the mildew disappear.

Use it to clean stone bathrooms, shower walls, or floors... use it anywhere that mildew is a problem!

Regular use of this product keeps your surface clean and odor free.

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Other Household Uses:

  • Bathroom Vanities
  • Concrete
  • Glass Shower Doors
  • Shower Walls
  • Tile & Grout
  • Outdoor Stone Cladding

Directions for Use:

  1. Spray liberally on surface.
  2. Allow mildew stain to disappear.
  3. Rinse thoroughly (if used on surfaces that will touch food, rinse thoroughly at least twice).
  4. For extra caution, test on an inconspicuous area.

The mildew stain remover is the very best product line available to the end user of Stone for the cleaning and care of mold & mildew ridden tiles, grout, shower floors, glass doors and walls. Safely cleans up mildew stains AND odors EVEN on your most delicate natural stones!

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From Our Customers

I just wanted to let you know the product worked as promised.

I had tried at least four other cleaners on my natural stone shower, all of which claimed to remove mildew, however none worked.

The mildew stain remover worked wonders on my shower.

It took a little scrubbing (not much just a little) and it now looks like new again.

Thank you so much.