Polishing Granite, Marble, & Stone

Make Your Day To Day Cleaning Easier!

Minimize fingerprints and smudges. Make your day to day cleaning more manageable! Polishing granite, marble, and stone is easy! These products do a terrific job of brightening up your polished stone surfaces and help you keep that original shine.

Protect and enhance your natural stone with a stone 

These stone polishes are safe, effective, AND stone friendly.

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A Little More On Polishes...

These polishes are especially formulated to preserve, protect, and beautify your stone. They're not just designed for use on granite!!! Use them on marble, limestone, travertine, onyx and other POLISHED natural stone surfaces. Your stone will benefit from regular use of a stone polish.

Use them on your countertop, your vanity, your fireplace, or your floor... anywhere you need that extra shine! Preserve the beauty and maintain the original glossy finish on your polished stone surfaces.

Do you have a calcite stone installed in your home -
Marble, Travertine, Limestone or Onyx?

Acidic liquids (e.g. orange juice, tomato juice, cola products, and some cleaning products) can etch your stone upon contact.

These products leave a mark of corrosion - a dull area referred to as an etch - that looks like a water stain or a ring. This is damage to the surface of your stone.

If you have light to medium etch marks:

You can see the etch,
The surface of your stone where the etch is feels smooth,
The depth is undetectable to the naked eye,

Use the polishing powder to repair these etch marks. It polishes your stone AND removes the light to medium etch marks.

Floors, Vanities or Countertops ...
We have a polish for ALL areas in your home.

These products are Stone Friendly,
Safe AND Effective!

Countertops, Vanities, Fireplaces - Add Shine!

Stone, Concrete, Terazzo Floors - Protect Your Floors.

Marble Repair - Easy To use.

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