Natural Stone Sealers

The Water Test

Do you know when natural stone sealers need to be applied to your granite, marble or other natural stone? Do you even need to apply a sealer to your stone? If you're not sure, try the water test.

It's simple, safe and effective.

The Water Test
Getting Started:
(Perform this test on stone that has already been installed.)
  1. Spill a few drops of water on your stone.
  2. Wait for approximately 10 to 15 minutes.
  3. Wipe it dry.

Test Results:
If your stone did not darken, this means it's perfectly sealed.

Are you searching for the perfect natural stone for your home? This simple test will tell you all you need to know! Will my stone stain? Will it etch? GREAT for helping you decide which stone to choose!

Granite Sealer Color Enhancer
Sealers Enhancers

These tests are both well known in the stone industry and used to determine if you need to seal your stone, when it needs to be resealed, and if your natural stone is perfectly sealed.

Oil and Lemon Juice Test

You'll find more information on sealers here.

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