How To Polish Marble

FAQ's - Marble Polishing Powder

What Is A Marble Polish For?

It's a polish used to repair surface damage on polished (calcite based) natural stones. Keep reading to learn how to polish marble like the pros!

Why Use It To Polish Marble?

Step 1: Sprinkle.

Repair slight surface damage.

Remove etches and ghost rings.

Where Do I Use It?

Step 2: Spread.Calcite based stones. Use it on travertine, marble, limestone, onyx ... polished stone surfaces.

Use it on vertical or horizontal surfaces such as countertops, back splashes, vanities, showers, fireplaces, floors etc.

Using the powder on Onyx? It's very important to test it on an out of the way area first.

When Do I Use It?

Step 3: Spritz.If you notice dull spots or rings on your stone. This polishing powder is used on slight to medium etches.

Does the etched area feel really rough compared to the surrounding stone?

If so, the etch may be too deep for polishing powder to be effective. Hire a professional.

How To Polish Marble?

Step 4: Rub.

  1. Clean your polished surface with a cleaner such as this daily cleaner.

  2. Apply a couple of pinches of powder over the dull spot and spread it evenly.

  3. Moisten the area using a spray bottle.

  4. Use a soft cloth and rub the powder into the surface using the heel of your hand (mild pressure) until the surface is dry and shiny. It shouldn't take more than a few strokes.

  5. Repeat if needed.


How to polish marble & finish with a professional touch ...
Spray a little bit more water on your "spot" and rub in the remaining powder. Use a very slight pressure and work in a circular motion starting small and widening (blending the edges) until the surface is shiny and dry.

Spray on a little bit of the daily spray cleaner for your final cleaning.

How Long Does The Polishing Powder Take to Apply?

About 5 minutes. If more than one application is needed, it will take about 10 to 15 minutes. First time using the polishing powder? It will probably take you a little longer because you'll want to get it just right. ;-)

Does It Work?

Yes. As long as the etch isn't too deep.

Small etch removed.

We tested the polishing powder on a small piece of marble.

What We Did....

  1. Cleaned the stone with this daily spray cleaner.
  2. Poured white vinegar on an area approximately 8" x 5".
  3. We let it sit for 10 minutes.
  4. Wiped up the vinegar.

Here is a close up of the etch.

A large etch.

This is how we removed it:

Step 1 and 2.

Step 3 and 4.


The etch was removed - no traces left! We went through the above steps three times in order to completely remove and blend in the area.

The etched area was pretty big and felt a little rough but we were able to repair it. Light etches can usually be removed with one application.

Before And After.

Please Note: The manufacturer suggests the marble polish is not meant to re-polish entire tops - it's made for spot polishing. BUT, this polish has successfully repaired entire tops!

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From Our Customers

Just wanted to let you know I purchased the marble polishing powder as I had an etch mark on my sink top where something acidic had sat and leaked.

I used your product and the mark is gone!!!!
Thank you so much.

... the marble polishing powder works like a charm. Thank you!!

I ordered your marble polishing powder to restore our limestone vanity counter. It was badly etched as a result of using commercial bathroom cleaning product on it.

I had already spent $$$ on various products that were touted to do the job, but did not. I am so pleased to say that with very little work and elbow grease,
my counter is again beautiful. THANK YOU.