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Taking Care of Stone, Marble & Granite - We know how important it is for you to properly care for the natural stone, marble and granite installed in your home. Knowing this, we believe it's important to provide you with information that goes beyond the use of the products we sell.

Should I Seal? - We get a lot of questions from our homeowners about sealing granite countertops and we certainly understand why. Differing opinions in the stone industry have created a good deal of confusion, not only among consumers, but among some stone professionals as well.

FAQ's - Cleaning Marble - Are you concerned on how to clean marble? Worried about ruining, staining or etching your marble? Cleaning marble is easy! Simply use a stone care product made for marble cleaning. Here's a few frequently asked questions and answers on cleaning marble.

Headstone Cleaning Guide - Everything you need to know about tombstone cleaning. Doesn't matter if it's a bronze, metal, marble, limestone or granite tombstone - it's all here! Use this info for your own personal use OR, start a tombstone cleaning business.

Stay informed!!!! - Recent additions to My Granite Care, stone news, Specials and tons of related information on natural stone.

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