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Hi All,

I received this letter with pictures on polishing marble from one of my customers and I wanted to share it. Get The Magical Powder Here!

Emperador Marble Table - BEFORE Emperador Marble Table Restored - AFTER

First, a little background... "I purchased a gently used marble top coffee table off of Craigs list that is 39x39 inches. Not knowing anything about the care required for marble, I shrugged off the fact the people who sold it to us had applied a pretty glossy coat of ok nice.

Upon returning home, I instinctively cleaned off the oil and to my surprise, it immediately became clear that they were hiding numerous water spots, glass rings and etchings that have apparently sunk into the marble. There is no actual damage.

In fact, even just wiping with a damp cloth "erases" the marks and gives the appearance that the top is perfect and glossy, until it is wiped dry that is.

Mine looks EXACTLY like your example picture .... I mean exactly."

Emperador Marble Table Close Up - BEFORE Restored Emperador Marble Table Close Up - AFTER

James used the the marble polish for polishing his marble - it's a 'spot polisher' so it's really impressive that he did his entire table with it. The results are outstanding!

Carolyn, Well... the results are in... and it turned out very nice! The emperador marble looks almost brand new!

There were some very small areas/spots that were just too stubborn, but overall, I'd say I was able to successfully restore at least 95% of the surface damage to a high gloss finish.

That marble polish is like magic, but it's very touchy. The most difficult part was learning how to apply it correctly (how much water to spray... how to wipe it off... how long to grind the powder in each section... etc).

Once I got the hang of it and learned how it responds to application, I was able to find the best ways to do it for the remainder of the table.

All in all, it took me about 6 hours of hard, focused effort to do this. That's much more than I had originally planned for, but I bet a good chunk of that time is due to the fact that I am a perfectionist and had to redo several areas.

For your viewing enjoyment, I have attached high quality before and after pics. I used the same original 4 that I sent you and tried to duplicate the angles/glare as closely as I could for a good comparison.

Polishing Marble To Remove Etches - BEFORE Polishing Marble To Remove Etches - AFTER

All in all, I am pleased with the results. Now I can maintain the marble very easily, as I would never abuse it like the original owners chose to.

Thanks for your help Carolyn!

BEFORE Polishing Marble

AFTER Polishing Marble

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