Caring For Marble and Granite

Stone Care Kits

Caring for marble and granite is easy with a Stone Care Kit. These kits contain the most popular products in one package! Depending upon which team of products you purchase, you will find a kit that keeps your stone looking its best and in tip top shape.

Take care of your Natural Stone with a 
countertop kit.

Take the guesswork out of deciding which product(s) to buy.
Let us help you make that important decision!

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Granite Cleaners Stone Cleaners and Sealers Cleaning Granite Countertops
Clean, Seal
& Shine
Clean, Beautify,
Shine & Seal

Stone Care Starter Kit Marble Repair Stone Repair
Starter Kit Marble Repair Stone Repair


A Little More On The Stone Care Kits...

The products in these stone care kits are also offered individually on My Granite Care. But ... here's our other alternative. Make ONE purchase for the complete care of your granite countertop, marble floor, travertine fireplace, or any other area in your home where natural stone is installed and SAVE money.

Perhaps you're interested in a daily cleaner, a stone polish, AND a sealer.
Countertop Care Kit One is a perfect selection.

Or, maybe you have etching (dull spots) on your Marble vanity or countertop. The all in one Marble Repair Kit includes the popular routine cleaner, marble and granite polish as well as the unique marble polishing powder. This kit may be just what you need to keep your stone looking new.

Not sure if it's soap film or just everyday grime? Try the Stone Care Starter Kit. This one includes a couple of specialty products including the SAFE mold & mildew stain remover, a soap scum remover and easy to use daily cleaners for your floors AND your tops!

These products are Stone Friendly,
Safe, Effective AND Versatile!

Countertop Care Kit One - Clean, Shine, Protect

Countertop Care Kit Two - Countertop Kit One PLUS an EXTRA Bottle of Cleaner

Ongoing Care Kit - Clean And Shine

Stone Care Starter Kit - Specialty Products PLUS MORE

Marble Repair Kit - Care And Repair

Stone Repair Kit - Cracks, Chips & Deep Scratches

Still have questions on the products? Look at the product uses for individual stone care cleaners, sealers and repair polishes.

Your Guide To Stone & Granite Care

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