"Everything You Need To Know About Tombstone Cleaning."

Doesn't matter if it's a bronze, metal, marble, limestone OR granite tombstone!

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Guide To Cleaning Headstones.

  • Quick & simple headstone cleaning techniques to make your loved ones headstone shine.
  • Insider secrets to properly clean AND maintain METAL or STONE headstones for a fraction of the cost charged by professionals. These costs can reach anywhere from $60-$200 per headstone.
  • Little known methods for stain removal.
  • The different cleaning methods for slate, shale, sandstone, brownstone, limestone, marble and granite headstones.
  • A few small tricks so you can easily tell the difference between natural stones.
  • The confidence needed to clean & remove stains from bronze, marble, limestone, AND granite tombstones.
  • Headstone repair techniques. Knowing this one alone will save you tons of cash!

Plus... GET insider tips on starting YOUR own headstone cleaning business. Learn the tricks of the trade!

I GUARANTEE that the Headstone Cleaning Guide will teach you everything you need to know about cleaning headstones without having to search for bits and pieces on the net.

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