How To Clean Marble

FAQ's - Cleaning Marble

Are you concerned on how to clean marble? Worried about ruining, staining or etching your marble? Caring for & cleaning marble is easy! Simply use care products made for marble cleaning.

Cleaning Marble FAQ's

How do you clean marble? Use a stone cleaner that is safe for marble. A marble cleaner such as this daily cleaner is convenient to use and safe for marble.

Why Would I Use It?

Marble Cleaner
  • Easy to use... spray & wipe.

  • No rinsing required.

  • No product build up.

  • Versatile. Use it on your mirrors, stainless steel, greasy hood above the stove and other surfaces cleaned on a daily basis.

  • Safe for marble. No harsh chemicals to etch your marble.

Save A little Money!

Cleaning mirrors, glass, appliances or miscellaneous furniture? Dilute the daily cleaner with water in 1:1 proportion to make a milder solution.

Avoid Etches

What In The World Is Etching? It's surface damage to your stone... Dull spots, rough patches, rings & swirls. Acidic or abrasive products and cleaners etch your marble. Products such as Scrubbing Bubbles®, Lime Away® and Magic Eraser® are simply too harsh! It's just as easy to use stone friendly products on your stone!


Picture of etched marble. Picture of etched Emperador Marble.

Can I Use Windex?

You may be tempted to use windex but it just might etch your marble. There are quite a few different varieties of 'Windex' on the market. Some contain vinegar or ammonia... not something you want on your marble.

Can I Use Soap & Water?

Yes you can - BUT - soap eventually leaves a grimy build up of soap scum and it's really hard to rinse away all of that soap. Soap scum is more noticeable on the darker stones and also in bright lights.

If you already have soap scum - here's a safe product to get rid of it!

Can I Use Plain Water With A Sponge?

Yes. No harm here. But you really want a safe daily cleaner to eradicate bacteria.

Quick Note On Sponges & Scrubbies: DON'T use any green or brown scouring pads. The presence of silicon carbide grits in them will scratch your stone. You can safely use the sponges lined with a silvery net, or other plastic scouring pads.

Do I Have To Use Specialty Products?

No, you don't have to do anything. Use products made for cleaning stone to avoid etching your marble, to keep it looking beautiful and to avoid future problems!

Buy the daily cleaner here OR SAVE MONEY and look at stone care kits that include the daily cleaner in them.

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