Sealing Granite, Marble Or Stone?

Easy To Use Stone Sealer. Ten Year Warranty!

Need a long lasting impregnator sealer for sealing granite countertops, vanities, showers, floors, tiles, concrete, sinks, serpentine AND more? Save Time and Save Money with this effective below the surface sealer!

Impregnator Sealer for Stone and More

Product Description

Sealing Granite And MarbleEffectively inhibits liquids from being absorbed by all Natural Stones, including Granite, Marble, Travertine, Limestone and Serpentine. Use this sealer when sealing your granite to greatly reduce the possibility of staining.

This professional grade sealer DOES NOT require frequent periodic applications. The first application will protect your valuable stone for many years to come. It provides a durable, non film forming, transparent, protective barrier against oil and water!

It's an excellent water repellent AS WELL AS an excellent oil repellent sealer and comes with a 10 year warranty for indoor applications! 1 Quart Covers Between 75 to 125 Square Feet.

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Other Household Uses:

  • Concrete
  • Grout
  • Honed Finishes
  • Other Stone Finishes
  • Quartzite
  • Polished Finishes
  • Porous Man Made Materials
  • Sandstone
  • Serpentine
  • Stone Sinks
  • Stone Tiles
  • Terracotta

Directions for Use:

  1. Make sure your stone is clean and free of any coatings (polishes, waxes, etc.).
  2. Work in a small area. 4 to 5 square feet for countertops and 15 to 20 square feet for large floors. It's much easier.
  3. Pour a small amount of sealer on the surface of your stone and spread it evenly with a brush, mop, roller or paint pad.
  4. Let the product sit for 10 to 15 minutes to allow maximum penetration.
  5. When it's nearly dry, apply a bit more sealer (wet on wet) and then rub with a dry clean rag so any residue is removed.
  6. Repeat until your entire surface has been sealed.
  7. We recommend sealing granite and other natural stone with two coats. Apply a second coat the next day.

Do NOT apply on your stone floors or walls immediately after installation. Wait at least two to three weeks. Other installations, such as a counter top, can be sealed immediately after installation.

The stone sealer is the very best product line available to the end user of Stone for sealing natural stone. STOP sealing every year! Seal EVERY TEN YEARS!

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Your Guide To Stone & Granite Care

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Tile and Stone Repair

Tile And Stone Repair

From Our Customers

Just wanted to say that I think your products are great. My husband and I installed our granite countertops ourselves, (so of course we sealed them ourselves also) and the sealer is wonderful!

Our 8ft. island - a very light beige - is used without babying it and withstands everything we subject it to.

I also use the cleaner for both the kitchen and bathrooms and that works well also. Glad to have found your products! Shirlee

I applied the sealer last week-end and I'm totally pleased with the results.

No question about its sealing ability. This product is great! Tom