Stone, Marble & Granite Polish

Your Granite Will Love This!

It's not just a GRANITE polish - it also works great on Marble, Travertine, Onyx and ALL other polished stones. This non wax protective coating is stone friendly and never needs to be stripped!

Product Description

MB-13 Stone, Marble and 
Granite Polish Penetrate, Protect, and Beautify your natural stone!

It adds shine and creates a protective shield that repels water, reduces finger prints and marks, AND makes routine cleaning so much easier.

It also restores slightly worn down surfaces to like new condition!

This is a terrific product for polished countertops, back splashes, vanities, AND EVEN your shower walls! It's NOT for floors. Use a polish for stone floors.

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Other Household Uses:

  • Any Polished Stones
  • Architectural elements, shelves, ledges, & nick-knacks.
  • Back Splashes
  • Fireplace Surrounds
  • Kitchen Counter Tops
  • Polish Granite Tables
  • Vanities & Showers

Directions for Use:

  1. Clean your stone and allow the surface to dry.
  2. Spray the polish sparingly but thoroughly on your surface to be polished.
  3. Buff the surface using a clean white soft cloth.

The FIRST time you use a marble & granite polish,
we recommend a second application in a day or two.

The stone polish is the very best product line available to the end user of Stone for polishing, adding shine and restoring worn down & weather beaten stones to like new condition. Not for floors.

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Your Guide To Stone & Granite Care

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Tile and Stone Repair

Tile And Stone Repair

From Our Customers

We love this polish...

it brings out the deep rich colors of our Blue Pearl counter tops like we've never seen before!

A million thanks for recommending this product!

We love the daily cleaner too.

It's so easy to use and provides simple daily care to our granite and it keeps the granite looking spotless!

We are 110% satisfied with your products and your knowledge of granite !!!!!!!! Thanks Rick & Angie