Stone, Marble & Granite Care

Congratulations! You now have granite, marble or another natural stone installed in your home and you're excited!

Now come the questions...

How do I clean it?

Should I seal it?

What about regular cleaners - can I still use them?

Your stone is beautiful. Using ordinary household cleaners just won't do! Many are too harsh and may damage the surface.

If preserving your natural stone is important to you, it pays to be selective, very selective about what products you use and when you use them.

The marble and granite care products we carry are of the highest quality. For example, this below the surface sealer carries a 10 year warranty. This same standard of excellence is found in each and every one of these natural stone care products.

We're there for your important routine maintenance . . . cleaning, polishing, sealing . . . AND we're there for those unanticipated problems.

Perhaps you've been using soap and water to clean your kitchen countertop and you now have a soap scum build up. Or, someone spilled a soft drink on your marble floor and its caused a dull spot. You're not left on your own to find a solution... we already have one for you!

Our information is comprehensive and written exclusively for you - NOT at you. We take great pride in providing you with easy to understand information that's accurate, informative and reliable. We want you to be excited and knowledgeable about your natural stone so you can keep it looking beautiful!

Why order from us?


Every order includes a FREE e-copy of Taking Care of Your Natural Stone. This in depth guide is Free to our customers and answers questions such as:

Taking Care of Your Natural Stone.

  • How To Clean Marble - Do's & Don'ts... Page 4
  • Cleaning Granite Countertops... Page 9
  • Tips To Reducing Mold... Page 13
  • To Seal or Not To Seal... Page 14
  • Choosing Kitchen Counter Tops... Page 16
  • What's An Etch?... Page 19
  • Removing Stains... Page 22
  • Repairing Etch Marks... Page 24
  • AND More

YOUR SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED! Feel safe, comfortable and secure. When you purchase a product from us, we will personally monitor your order from the time you place it - to delivery at your doorstep.

Your Guide To Stone & Granite Care

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