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FAQ's - Marble, Granite & More Spray Cleaner

What Is MB-5 Spray Cleaner?

A daily spray cleaner for your stone, marble & granite countertop care.

Why Use It?

Daily Spray Cleaner - MB-5 Granite Cleaners

  • It's safe for all Natural Stones.
  • Dissolves oil and grease residues.
  • Removes fingerprints, caked on food, smudges & smears.
  • Streak free.
  • NO rinsing required.
  • Leaves NO film behind.
  • Versatile.
  • Safe on food handling surfaces.
  • EASY to use.

Where Do I Use It?

Let the MB-5 
Granite Cleaner Sit.Use it on travertine, granite, marble, limestone, onyx ... all natural stone surfaces.

Honed stones, polished, tumbled, flamed, satin, antiqued, brushed... any surface finish.

Use it on vertical or horizontal surfaces such as countertops, back splashes, vanities, shower walls, fireplaces, etc.

Spray MB-5 Granite Cleaners Other surfaces such as Corian®, Silestone®, Caesarstone®, Formica®, chrome, mirrors, glass, tiles, stainless steel... even the greasy hood above your stove!

Looking for a stone floor cleaner? It's Here.

How Often Do I Use It?

As often as needed. You can use this granite countertop care cleaner one hundred times a day if you want. It's SAFE for stone.

How To Clean Granite & Other Natural Stones

  1. Spray a light mist over the area to be cleaned.
  2. Allow the cleaner to sit for about 30 seconds.
  3. If necessary, scrub with a sponge or a light duty pad.
  4. Buff the surface dry with a clean soft cloth.


DON'T use any green or brown scouring pads. The presence of silicon carbide grits in them will scratch even the toughest granite. You can safely use the sponges lined with a silvery net, or other plastic scouring pads.

Spray the cleaner and let it sit for a while to moisten and soften the soil before scrubbing. Let the cleaner do the work!

Light duty cleaning such as vanity tops, mirrors or glass?
Dilute MB-5 in a proportion of 1:1 with tap water.

How Long Does It Take to Apply?

This depends on how much stone you are cleaning. It takes me about 5 minutes to clean one hundred square feet of countertops.

Does It Work?

Yes. It was hard to get a picture of the 'dirt' on these light tops.

Granite Cleaning Care With MB-5

What We Did....

Wiped the stainless refrigerator with plain water - See how streaky it is?

  1. Sprayed on the daily spray cleaner.
  2. Let it sit for about 30 seconds.
  3. Wiped it dry.

Cleaning Stainless Steel With MB-5.


We used the refrigerator because it's easier to see how well this cleaner performs. There is NO streaking and NO more fingerprints. It's easy to use and took me less than one minute.

We tried it on a few different surfaces.

Cleaning With MB-5 Daily Spray Cleaner.

Madura Gold Granite.

One of the best things about this daily spray cleaner: It's made for stone but is effective on so many different surfaces. PLUS - it's safe for your daily stone, marble & granite countertop care.

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