Stone Enhancer

Product Description

The stone enhancer penetrates the pores of your stone and makes it look wet - permanently. GREAT water repellant sealer too! Two apps will do for most stones!

It will make your stone come ALIVE!

The colors will POP! This product deepens and darkens your stone with little to no effort. Dots, spots, veins and natural characteristic's are highlighted. The effect?

DEEP not GLOSSY. REAL not PLASTIC LOOKING. UNIFORM not SPLOTCHY. Your stone retains the original sheen.

Color Enhancer For Stone: Before and After

Pretty easy to use too! Apply - let it absorb - wipe off excess.
Results? A deep, vibrant, wet look.

Use it on a TON of different surfaces & finishes!

This hard working formula enhances the look of ALL natural stones plus MORE! It works best on unfinished or unpolished stones.

Scratched Stone Tired of seeing those finger marks and prints on your honed black stone? Fingerprints virtually disappear!

Tile edges don't match the tiles? Quick swipe along the edge fixes this one!

Too expensive to fix that scratch? A little enhancer erases that tell tale line!

What about that dull looking slate floor? Apply the enhancer and watch your floor come alive. NO more dreary and no more dusty looking floor!

The enhancer WILL change the color AND the look of your stone. Look at the picture above. Do you see how the stone goes from a muted gray to a deeper black? Get a portion of your stone wet with plain water. This is how it will look once the enhancer is applied.

Depending on your stones porosity, one quart covers approximately 25 to 120 square feet. (Not a typo - this is how much the porosity of stone varies!)


  • Antiqued Stones
  • BLACK Granite
  • Flamed Stones
  • Hides Scratches & Etches
  • Honed Granite & Marble
  • Matching Countertop Edge To Top
  • Sandstone
  • Slate
  • Some Polished Stones
  • Tile Edges
  • Tumbled Stone
  • Unpolished Stones

Make The Colors Pop!

Got travertine, limestone, honed granite or tumbled marble? This Is It! Safe, effective, easy upkeep AND easy to use. Achieve That Wet Look!

Color Enhancing Sealer Clean, SEAL and Shine Kit Stone, Travertine, Granite and Marble Sealer
& Shine Kit

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