Tile, Stone Granite & Marble Floor Cleaner

Product Description

This stone, tile, granite and marble floor cleaner not only produces streak free results... it actually ENHANCES the shine of your floor.

It's easy to use TOO! Just add water and use a professional type mop. Then, mop away! Once your mop head's dirty, replace it with a clean mop head.

Use it on a myriad of different surfaces & finishes!

Tile, Stone and Marble Floor Cleaner Honed floors - no problem! Glossy finish? Works wonders! Slate, Limestone, Onyx or Travertine? This floor cleaner is STONE SAFE!

Because this formula contains specially selected inorganic salts that are meant to be left on the surface to act as moisturizers, as well as optical brighteners, you do not want to rinse it off. That is what makes this one QUICK & EASY to use!

The stone, tile, granite and marble floor cleaner comes in a concentrated form so you get more coverage!

Depending on your soiling conditions, one quart will make up to 32 Gallons of cleaning solution. A gallon will make up to 128 gallons of cleaning solution!


  • Ceramic AND Porcelian Tiles
  • Concrete
  • Hardwood Floors
  • Any surface not harmed by water.

You're Gonna LOVE this stuff!

A highly concentrated detergent that maintains a natural streak free look on your stone floor AND leaves no dulling film. This is amazing, considering the product is rinse free. Half The Work, Exceptional Results!

Stone, Granite and Marble Floor Cleaner Heavy Duty Tile and Grout Cleaner Stone Care Starter Kit
Stone, Wood
& Tile Floors
Heavy Duty
Tile & Grout
Stone Care
Starter Kit

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