Natural Stone Maintenance and Restoration

By Maurizio Bertoli

Natural Stone Maintenance and Restoration is a must have for anybody and everybody in the stone business! A great resource for designers, architects, teachers, students, fabricators and restoration professionals. If you love stone, you will love this book!

Natural Stone Maintenance and Restoration

Product Description

Natural Stone Maintenance and RestorationIt's 437 pages jam packed with insightful information, easy to read content, pictures and illustrations.

This comprehensive book covers basic Petrography, natural stone maintenance, stains and removal including poulticing, stone finishes, maintenance issues and equipment... plus more!

Learn the TWO and THREE step procedure for polished and honed stone floors. Grinding & honing, marble, granite, travertine, limestone... it's in the book. What about honing and polishing stone shower stalls? An entire chapter is dedicated to this!

Use it as a reference guide or read it from cover to cover. Full of useful hints, tips and guides.



  • Basic Petrography
  • How To Recognize The Different Stones
  • Guidelines To Stain Removal
  • Factory Finishes
  • Cleaning and Sealing
  • Care Of Granite Counter Tops, Shower Stalls, Vanities, etc.
  • Natural Stone Maintenance
  • Why And How Does Stone Polish
  • How To Polish Marble That Is Not Marble
  • Maintenance of High Traffic Polished Stone Floors
  • Introduction To Stone Refinishing
  • Restoration For Marble and Granite Tops
  • Estimating The Job

Excerptions From The Book:

"A thousand mile voyage begins with the first step. And the first step is: Understanding Stone."

A quarry is much like a mine but instead of mining coal, metal or gemstones, dimensional stones such as limestone, marble, granite, sandstone, etc. are extracted."

"It is very important to remember that maintenance of a complicated material like natural stone starts at the very beginning of the whole picture: the specification."

"... the selection of the right stone for a project should be based not just on the color and the "creativity" of the specifier..."

"...this book is not strictly about maintenance and restoration of natural stone products, but it is, above all, about stone intelligence..."

About The Author:

Maurizio Bertoli was born in Italy and entered the stone business at the tender age of 15. This book is a compilation of 48 years of his knowledge and experience in the stone industry as a fabricator, installer, restoration professional, teacher and mentor. Many consider Maurizio a living legend in the stone industry.

Natural Stone Maintenance and Restoration - $275.00

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